RE: Check In and Check Out Train the Trainer


Dear Administrators and Superintendents,


The OPI’s Special Education’s Continuing Education and Technical Assistance Unit has a great opportunity for schools and districts that have been implementing MBI/MTSS.


What: Check In and Check Out is a tier 2 intervention where students can be motivated to improve classroom behaviors if they have both a clear roadmap of the teacher's behavioral expectations and incentives to work toward those behavioral goals.  With that stated, do you have staff that would be interested in becoming a Check In and Check Out Trainer with the respects that you could train educators in Montana on how to use the intervention in their own environments?


When and Where: TBA; looking at Western and Eastern sides of the state trainings.


How: The first day would entail watching Marla Dewhirst train school teams, and allow the new trainers to observe, and take directed notes.  This way new trainers would understand the content.  The following day, Marla would work with the new trainers on training the content. After that, she will provide a couple on-line meetings to review and answer questions new trainers may have after some time to think.  She would also do an on-line review with the new trainers a week prior to them training as a prep step.  Marla would also have the new trainer do some video of each other to send to Marla to review; which can be done with a smart phone.  Lastly, at some point, there would be an observation of the trainers training for a fidelity check. 


Requirements to be a trainer:

    • Worked with Tier 1 MBI/MTSS for more than 2 years and understand the core components of Tier 1 student supports.
    • Demonstrate the ability to coach data-based decision-making skills.
    • Demonstrate the leadership skills to support school-level teams.
    • Be familiar with SWIS (School-wide Information Systems) or a like data base for aggregating student behavioral data and interpreting the results.
    • Willing to commit to train the content for 5+ years at least 3 times annually.
    • Be committed to the review and evaluation of training on an annual basis.


Why:  Strengthen tier 2 supports in schools building a system of supports for their students.


Next Steps: The following link provides a Template to complete and email it to Holly Mook,




Jenifer Cline

Continuing Education and Technical Assistance Unit Manager

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