Egrant Submit Button Now Activated


Districts may now submit their 2018-19 Egrants ESEA/ESSA Consolidated Application as the Title V B allocations have now been loaded.  Before submitting the application, please check the following:


    1. Make sure to Accept or Reject all funds under the Program Selection Tab.

        2. Complete the Title V B section if the district is not transferring the funds to another program.

            3. Districts will need to resave the Topic Funding page under Allocations.

            4. Districts can transfer funds on the Funding-Allocations page.


              Please do not hesitate to contact Sheri Harlow at 444-5660, or email with any questions or concerns.




              Jack O’Connor

              Title I Director

              Federal Grants Unit Director

              Private School Ombudsman

              Montana Office of Public Instruction