Big Idea #1 - New Courses

Addition & Subtraction Strategies (5 OPI renewal units)  

Allergies and Anaphylaxis Training for School Staff (1 OPI renewal unit)

Mathematical Practices (K-8) (3 OPI renewal units)

Step In Speak Up! Supporting LGBTQ Youth (1 OPI renewal unit)

Big Idea #2 - Upcoming Facilitated Courses

Registration is currently open for all of our October Facilitated courses! Enroll now before these courses fill up!

#3 - Featured Course: An Introduction to Indian Education for All in Montana

November is Native American Heritage Month. Start getting ready with this 2 hour course. The course provides a basic foundation, not for how, but for why it is important to implement Indian Education for All (IEFA). Participants will also learn where to find resources. Here is what some participants have said:

"After learning about the importance of making purposeful efforts to incorporate the culture of the Montana’s Native Americans, I am moved to ensure that their culture, beliefs, and language will always have a place in my school." -MT Administrator

“I have found that there is so much we need to do to bring Native American education into the mainstream of education for all students. This has been a very eye-opening and extremely essential format to begin the steps.” -MT High School Teacher

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